What’s the purpose?

Family Hippocampus is a non-profit organisation aiming to enhance the ,Business Family Culture’. The purpose of Family Hippocampus is to empower business families to create a conscious culture for multigenerational and socio-emotional wealth preservation

How to achieve it?

  • Raising awareness of family dynamics
  • Shaking the trees and challenging the status quo
  • Shifting paradigms

What are the activities?

  • Learning by conducting research with peer group

  • Sharing insight at conferences, webinars, workshops and retreats

  • Developing new ontologies and tools to manage family dynamics

The ‘hippocampus’ is a formation in the human brain with a similar shape to a seahorse. It is located in the medial lobe, which is mediating between emotional and rational brain processes. The hippocampus is central to encoding and retrieving memory.

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