Stay Rich Series #1: How’s Your Financial Education, really?

Doris Sommavilla and Dominik v. Eynern contribute to this Opalesque webinar in collaboration with BeeWyzer and look at a comprehensive wealth management approach by integrating non-financial issues of wealth preservation such as managing behavioural risks in business families.

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The Connected Generation Podcast

Nike Anani interviewed Doris Sommavilla and Dominik v. Eynern on Stonewalling:

“This week on The Connected Generation, I had a fascinating conversation with Dominik v. Eynern and Doris Sommavilla CAIA co-Founders of Family Hippocampus.

We had a great conversation on hidden succession risks, one of which Dominik and Doris termed as “stonewalling”, where family business founders isolate themselves and don’t share much about their worlds with others. This creates a key-man risk and has negative implications for succession.

It was a layered conversation, infusing behavioral economics, neuroscience as well as practical application, talking through both Dominik and Doris’ family business experiences.

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Stonewalling – Webinar

Doris Sommavilla and Dominik v. Eynern co-presenting ‘Stonewalling – Hidden Risks in Wealth Succession

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World Family Forum Virtual 2021

Panel Discussion: The Future Family Office

Contribution from Dominik v. Eynern

– How and why is the Family Office evolving?
– A look at the changing financial motivations of Families
– Growing importance of non-financial components of a Family Office
– Family health and physical/mental wellbeing

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